"The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way" (Robert Kiyosaki)


Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." (T. S. Eliot)


"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase" (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

About us

“In a world where competition in all field is growing under the globalization impact, business strategy is the way for creating and establishing a competitive advantage. The strategic design process intensifies this advantage while providing the customer with value and profit.”

Our firm is operating since 2003 and specializes in implementing advanced strategic solutions for the improvement of competition capabilities and increasing results for our customers. We deal with marketing strategic consultation, development of business enterprises, investors’ relations and investments, promoting initiatives and business collaboration and more with the government and business sectors.

Etgar – strategic solutions that work – for you!

Marketing video clip and massage from Dr. Eitan Lasri – CEO and founder of Etgar Strategic Solutions and Entrepreneurship.

We offer an assembly of work plan establishment together with a package of complementary products according to the customers’ needs for Consultation, Strategy, and Investments & Entrepreneurship Services.

Customers’ Stories

[…] In our joint work I learned to know the entrepreneurial capabilities of Mr. Eitan Lasri, his diligence, the originality of his ideas, his capability and patience in negotiation and his business wit. Since then we continued to connect for various technological projects that I am among their initiators and owners. […]

Prof. Yehuda Kahane Expert for Actuary and Risks Management, Founder and Co-Owner of Itruan.

[…] Over the years [Mr. Lasri] volunteered and assisted with the marketing of the association.

Eitan is a dynamic, caring person and a true giver. He initiated and promoted important projects and assisted us with important persons from around the world, organizations and welfare and government ministries. […]

Shelly Hoshen, President of "Yad Be’Yad" association

[…] As someone who participated in a number of business projects alongside Eitan and Etgar, I was very impressed with Eitan as a person who has initiative, marketing and management experience and a mature interpersonal communication capability. There is no doubt that Eitan is very familiar with the Israeli business realm and thanks to a proper strategic and business vision he will deal with any challenge he will face with great success.

Micha Sherman, CEO of Kishurit Business Response Ltd.

I met Dr. Eitan Lasri while working together on a strategic project, as part of my role as manager of the business division in Ness Group. Eitan has strong interpersonal capabilities, high level of commitment and unique capabilities that assist in gaining the common goal.

Will be glad to work together again.

Adi ZamirManager of Training Division at Ness Technologies

[…] Mr. Eitan Lasri opened a window for me and for the management of Leumi Bank to new and mostly international markets and the Turkish economy. Eitan has strong analytical skills, well-developed interpersonal skills and worldwide connections. Eitan has a unique combination of strategic vision and an advanced and unique business vision.

I wish him good luck.

Yuval GavishCEO of Prisma Investment House, former CEO of Leumi Mortgage Bank.

In the ten years that I know Mr. Lasri, I was impressed by Eitan is well experienced and knowledgeable in the activities of the governmental – public sector and the business sector, Eitan knows how to manage projects to their implementation, while efficiently and effectively coordinate with all involved.

Accountant Nir ZichlinskeyPresident and CEO of SRI Global Group. Former Vice CEO of Arison Group.

[…] Mr. Eitan Lasri initiated and promoted important projects of ours and assisted us with organizations, government officials and the business sector in producing important events such as our annual “the struggle against drugs and violence” which we host alongside the local authorities across the country, Eitan represented (then) Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at the public’s rallies of supporting the families of the kidnapped and the missing, that we assisted to coordinate […]. Eitan is a professional guy, dynamic, hardworking, caring and gives of himself to the society and the surrounding in which he is knowledgeable of.

Regards and good luck,

Dr. Eyal MadanySocial activities entrepreneur and co-manager of "Kinor David" association.

[…] As leader of the headquarters of the disabled campaign in Israel we participated in the management of a street struggle for disabled people in Israel. Mr. Eitan Lasri was then a senior advisor to (then) Prime Minister Mr. Ariel Sharon.

During the negotiation […] it was the first time that a representative of the government [Mr. Eitan Lasri] treated the campaigning disabled in an equal and respectful manner while legitimizing our struggle even though he did not agree with all our demands […] We were lucky during our street struggle to face a sincere, serious and responsible person that assisted to solve the difficult disabled crisis of winter 2002 together with the PM ministry general manager, Avigdor Itzhaki and the Histadrut chairman, Amir Peretz.

Rani Schechter, Yoav Kraim, Chair of the disabled struggle headquarters in Israel and the spokesperson of the Israeli disabled campaign headquarter.


Working with Dr. Eitan is a great pleasure in the business sense, the professional sense and last but not least the interpersonal sense. Eitan has a lot of knowledge, strong determination, strong credibility, implementation capability, hard-working, and exceptional charisma, while leading comprehensive processes and striving to achieve goals and purposes. All projects that were handled with Mr. Lasri were defined as most successful and when Eitan enters a project he always sees it as a partner for the road until its completion.

I highly recommend him […]

Lior Ezra Callbiz Milenium Ltd.

Dr. Eitan Lasri accompanied Ransys for about a year as a strategic and business development consultant, for our marketing, sales and service functions. We decided to hire Eitan due to the warm references that we received from senior functional, and Eitan did prove his devotion, implementation capability, hard work and great interpersonal skills. […] Rnasys is a leader in the field of feedback technologies. […] thanks to Eitan’s capabilities we succeeded in promoting our activities in this field.

I strongly recommend him as a strategic consultant.

Ran ErhardFounder of Ransys Ltd.

[…] Mr. Lasri has always succeed combining advanced education with public and professional dealings, and with that gained extensive experience and deep understanding with public institutes and government systems, including the Israeli government and mainly the office of the Prime Minister, The Knesset with its important committees and other institutes such as the New Histadrut, The Central Bureau of Statistics, many local authorities and others. […]

Mr. Eitan Lasri has personal qualifications and characteristics that add to the abovementioned, among the outstanding of these are: Dynamic personality, care and strong involvement in everything he does, diligence and determination, entrepreneurial approach and relentless striving to promoting ideas and tasks. […]

Prof. Yitzhak KatzCEO, Maagar-Mohot Ltd.

I met Eitan Lasri […] when he studied for a Master degree at the Tel Aviv University in the Public Policy program in 1996. I was his lecturer there and was able to witness his qualities and qualifications. […] Personally speaking, I met a very active guy, diligent, and initiator who was active among the students and went on to senior roles in the government and Knesset. […] He is a man of action and has strong capabilities for promoting plans for implementation while efficiently and effectively coordinates with all involved. […]

Prof. Gideon Doron (RIP)Chairman of the Israeli Society of Political Sciences.

I know Mr. Lasri for years now. During my time as a member of the Knesset and a minister I witnessed closely the professional skills and personal characteristics. Eitan was a diligent and vigorous person, sharp thinker and with a wide knowledge base. His ability to analyze different situations in a precise way, handle stressful situations with composedly, and always keep kind spirit, made him a unique and highly appreciated person to his employers, friends and those who worked with him. To this added his ability to study new materials quickly and effectively and the kind spirit that he always spread around even in difficult crisis moments […]

Eliezer (Modi) SandbergChairman of Keren Hayesod Foundation

[…] My acquaintance with Mr. Eitan Lasri had me impressed by his business capabilities, business initiatives, education and strong business analysis skills. Eitan contributed a lot to the deal closing of our company Tigbur for the investment in a Turkish human resources and training company named “Metropol”. Eitan is very familiar with the Israeli and international business environments and is good at carrying out fair and fruitful negotiations, compromise and mediate between business elements with patience and great respect.

I wish him and all of us great luck

Orit BenbenistiCEO of Tigbur

[…]From my years long acquaintance with Mr. Eitan Lasri at the business arena, I found him to be a person with strong personal capabilities, that is expressed in the capability to find business opportunities and analyzing business situations to great detail in educated and relevant way, massively and consistently promoting business procedures until all sides of the deal are tied, improvisation capability and original and creative problem solving in changing environments often while emphasizing focus on exhaustion of the system’s capabilities in solving any problem and situation. [….]

Dr. Shlomo NessChairman and owner of the Shlomo Ness and associates law office. A lawyer and an accountant.

[…] Dr. Lasri initiated a project for the business expansion of our company and an establishment of an international call center in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Lasri has strong business capabilities, creative problem solution, negotiation skills and strong management and organization skills.

I am sure that any organization that will work with him will make the most of his qualifications, capabilities and extensive experience.

Shauli ElimelechChairman of DSNR Group

I met Mr. Eitan […] in my previous role, as head of the banking section of Leumi Bank. I was very impressed with Eitan as a person with business initiative, education and strong business analysis skills as well as capability to recruit investors for projects of high importance to the country. Eitan knows the Israeli and international business environments very well and carries well fair and fruitful negotiations.

I wish him and all of us best of luck

Yona FogelCEO of Paz Group

[…] I first got to know him as lecturer of (Mr. Eitan Lasri) and later as a colleague and lately as my doctoral candidate in the subject of privatization. And the academic manager of local authorities’ institute of Bar Ilan […] Eitan was an excellent researcher, a great executor and one with innovative and original initiatives.

Therefore I recommend him with all my heart.

Dr. Shimon RozevichAccountant, Senior Lecturer in Bar Ilan University, Head of the Local Authorities’ Institute.

I know Mr. Lasri […] from my job as the CEO of the Ashdod Municipality […]. Eitan opened for me and for the municipality’s management a window to the leading functionaries in the public and business sectors in Israel, including connecting and meeting with the lottery management during the fighting days in the south […] Eitan has strong coordination and initiation capabilities, developed interpersonal communication skills and many contacts. Eitan has a special combination of strategic vision and business vision that is advanced and unique.

On behalf of Mayor Mr. Yechiel Lasri, the members of the city council and me, we wish him great success.


Ilan Ben-AdiCEO Ashdod Municipality

[…] I know Mr. Eitan Lasri for many years since my role as manager of the (former) Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s chambers and as CEO of Shikun & Binui of the Arison Group. Mr. Lasri has the best of the required skills […] as well as experience and wide education.

Regards, Uri Shani, Founder and co-manager of the Gideon Investments’ fund, former CEO of Shikun & Binui and manager of the Prime Minister’s chambers.

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