Our office considers international activity with emphasis on developing markets such as Turkey, the Balkans and others, a main component for our growth and business development.

Our experience assisted us to develop insights with regards to the complexity of the global business world, and the effect of cultural, economic, political and legal differences on the way in which business is conducted in different countries in the world.

We assist our customers to handle situations of uncertainty in a world that is always changing, and with working environment different than that they are used to in Israel, with employees, partners or business rivals with different cultural and economic perceptions to theirs. Our capabilities and experiences over the years provide us with a significant competitive advantage that was proven in the successful performance of business deals and project promotion for our customers over the years.

What do we do?

  • Consultation for business development, establishment and business acquisitions

    Diagnosis together with customers and according to their needs and purposes Guiding customers as they enter the target country market with accordance to their field of choice.

  • Management of mergers and acquisitions.

    Systematic scanning identifying and marketing so as to find business partners in the target country.

  • Assistance with selling an entrepreneurial project / business / company.

    Meetings facilitation preparation of materials and assistance in negotiations with third parties in the target country.

  • Identifying investors and other local cooperation functionaries.

    Assistance in local marketing and business development with potential new customers.

  • Penetrating markets and expansion of business activity

    Arranging applicable market surveys for the customer with accordance to the business plan and needs.

  • Identification and coordination of investment opportunities and entrepreneurial projects.

    Systematic scanning, identifying and marketing in order to find business partners in the target country.

  • Identification and recruitment of local service providers and suppliers

    Identification and assistance with service providers and suppliers including lawyers, accountants, financial consultants, investment banks, media, logistics and more.

What are the benefits of working with us?

  • Our continuous presence in the target countries alongside local partners.

  • Extensive and optimal familiarity of the intended market in favor of the specific customer needs.

  • Widespread contacts’ network with influential functionaries of the governmental – public sector and the business – private sector.

  • Capability of promoting tasks and performing projects for customers who cannot do so on their own.

  • Reducing working procedures and market research, saving money, dealing with logistics and administration