Etgar – strategic solutions that work – for you

Our office made it its goal to be the first choice for customers interested in a professional service provider, for creation of optimal strategic business and marketing solutions and with high quality of service, while providing an added value to the customers.

As a boutique firm that provides a high quality personal service, we are proud of our cooperation with providers of complementary services for our customers, as well as our availability and accessibility for decision makers in the highest ranks in Israel and generally.

We operate in several levels and sectors in Israel, with emphasize of the governmental – public sector, the municipal – local authorities, the business sector and the academy.

The heads and managers of these sectors need external professional assistance during their work in order to handle the implications of policies they wish to promote, alongside daily handling of solving crises and breaking barriers so as to achieve their goals.

We are in constant connection with elected representatives and senior managers among these sectors and provide consultation to their decisions making, from establishment of goals and objectives to making their vision into reality.

The extensive experience we gained over the years through hard work in these sectors made it our challenge to assist our customers with a wide knowledge base that include methodology and progressive work procedures in a variety of subjects alongside combining the work of consultants and professionals from a variety of approaches and the good relations we built during 25 years of field work.

This is a dynamic firm consisting of a professional team of consultants with high personal capabilities as well as extensive experience and knowledge of these fields.